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The body is a temple; the capsule that houses and carries us through life. It keeps us safe from harm, propels us through physical challenges, and presents visual cues to others about its current health. Its health and ability to perform is of great importance.


The mind is intimately connected to the body. Its perceptions, emotions and patterns have a direct effect on the health and performance of the body. Mastery of the mind is arguably more important then the conditioning of the body; it will give you mastery over the body.


Spirit is tasteless and silent, but you can feel it. You can feel someone’s presence when they’re near and it lingers after they’ve gone. Without speaking a word, without knowing anything about a person, you can estimate if they’re strong, stressed, healthy, guilty, joyful, arrogant, tired, or confidant. What’s your spirit like?
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The connection between body and mind is essential when performing any martial art. It is essential to treat your body with the respect it deserves. The human body must be treated with the reverence afforded to temples and other sacred structures. After all, our bodies are the vehicle that carries us throughout our lifetime. It is perfectly structured to protect us from injury and has an astounding ability to repair itself.It is remarkably resilient and can withstand an impressive amount of strain and remain intact and functional. The symbiotic relationship that our bodies have with our minds is to be admired as well as respected. Your body will alert you to potential maladies through visual clues and stimulus. Maintaining our body’s health is essential to a long and fulfilled life.

The mind is what allows us to perceive what our body experiences. How the mind interprets the stimuli can have a drastic effect on the condition of the performance and health of the body. Having complete control over the functions of the mind can improve fitness, performance and, ultimately, long term health.

The spirit or soul of a person is as intangible as it powerful. It is impossible to perceive another person’s spirit using our rudimentary senses such as sight and hearing. But as we all know, we can all feel it in a universal,inexplicably beautiful way that is intrinsic to our shared humanity. It is possible to have a sense of a person’s presence when they are nearby or even once they have left a room. It is as if their spirit lingers after they’ve gone. You can estimate if a person is strong, stressed, healthy, guilty, joyful, arrogant, tired, or confident without them having to speak a word. You can get this impression from them without knowing anything about a person, even if they have not yet opened their mouths to speak or displayed the slightest nuance of body language.

What’s your spirit like, and how do you project that out to the world? Come to our Norwalk, CT dojo and learn how to project what you want to.

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