Calasanz Traditional American Boxing

Calasanz Traditional American Boxing
White collar boxing has become very popular exercise alternative. The reason is obvious. Next time you see a boxing match on TV, stop and look at the physical condition of the boxers. They are fit, strong, and powerful!

Calasanz Traditional American Boxing incorporates the basic boxer’s workout into a slow, steady paced, 6 month program centered on a more classical approach to boxing. This program is in sharp contrast to Calasanz Recreational Boxing, which is designed to get you into shape and develop heavy punching power in a very short time.

Calasanz has been training professional and amateur fighters for over 30 years. He began his boxing training in Gleason’s Gym, working with a private instructor and invited to compete in professional bouts. Calasanz has trained Golden Gloves champions, Tarvis Simms and Travis Simms, who both have used his physical arts training to get into fighting shape in a relatively short time. The same system is available to you! As a member of Calasanz Traditional American Boxing, you will:

  • Get fit with Calasanz physical conditioning system that builds strength, endurance, grounding, and flexibility. Great for men, women, and especially kids who need to learn structure and discipline.
  • Learn the classical boxing fundamentals’ ¦ punches, combinations, defensive moves, footwork, and the rules of the ring!
  • Build powerful striking techniques along with fast head movement through professional coaching by qualified Calasanz instructors.
  • Develop effective self-defense skills that help you survive on the streets.
  • Explore the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of yourself asyou progress through the program!

Workout with people who have similar interests and with Calasanz Patron Pass, you can train at any time that’s convenient!

Invest in your health and well-being! Calasanz is currently offering classes every day of the week! Start training your training by calling 800-414-9544 for a Free Private Training Session

Check out our Fitness Center Tour Video! You can also supplement your training with Calasanz book Creating the Body You Want as well as its companion, great for travel or home training.