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Christopher Schrade – Managing Instructor

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

After a successful high school and college basketball career, Chris turned to the martial arts to correct old injuries and continue the high level of conditioning that he was used to. “I have tried every strength and conditioning program that has surfaced over the past 17 years and not one of them compares to the benefits you receive through the martial arts and The Calasanz System.”

Chris believes that there is more to conditioning a human body then free weights and machines can provide. “A healthy, well conditioned body must be able to do more then just lift, push, or pull a large amount of weight. Strength is just one benefit of training in a martial arts program; flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, speed, grace, and body awareness are some of the other attributes you will improve by training martial arts.

Chris is the owner and head instructor of the Calasanz Westport Studio and has experience working with a wide range of clients with different abilities and interests. Chris is a connoisseur of different exercises modalities and blends The Calasanz System, conventional bodyweight exercises, and unique conditioning exercises seamlessly for his clients. He also loves teaching the fighting and self-defense aspects of boxing, kickboxing, and MMA as well as flowing forms involved with karate and kung fu.

Jeff Prescott – Managing Instructor

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Having spent years in weight training from his early teens to mid 20s, Jeff was looking for something “beyond” the average, run of the mill workout. He found this type of training with the Calasanz Physical Arts. The combination of traditional martial arts with modern sports technology is an exciting and effective way to get and stay in shape, as well as dramatically improve the quality of life.

Jeff has trained with Calasanz for over nine years and received his black belt in 2000.
He has been a certified instructor in the Calasanz System for more than 8 years and was the manager of the Norwalk Headquarters for three years. Currently Jeff is serving as manager and head instructor of the Calasanz Physical Arts satellite in Wilton, CT.

“I fully embrace the Calasanz System’s philosophy and I am capable of working with students on all levels of fitness and training. Truly “enjoying” my work, I approach each student with enthusiasm, professionalism and structure.”

Martha Visconti – Instructor

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Martha has been practicing kickboxing and various types of martial arts with Calasanz for 4 1/2 years and has her brown belt. She enjoys the Physical Arts exercises of the Calasanz System and finds them helpful learning and teaching technique. She is currently teaching the children’s martial arts program at Calasanz.



Stephanie Deniela Frey – Instructor

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Stephanie is an experienced dancer, athlete, and martial artist.

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Stephanie attended a school specializing in the training and education of athletes for competitive sports. Already at age 4 she started participating in numerous sports like Judo and later on Fencing.

She began her Ballroom dancing career studying and competing in International Latin throughout Europe at age 12 and has later studied Ballet, Jazz, Funk-Jazz and Hip Hop at the New York Dance School in Stuttgart/Germany as well as Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway and Dance New Amsterdam in New York City. Stephanie moved to the United States to pursue her career as a professional dancer, instructor and competitor. She competes and performs with her students throughout the US. With her professional partner she competes professionally in International Latin.

Within the last years she has not only been focusing on her professional dance career, but focused also on training the Calasanz-System and received therefore her black belt. Her training and teaching experience includes Boxing, Kickboxing, Physical Arts and other Combat Sports, which are included in the Calasanz System.

She loves to teach and inspires her students in all levels to experience the joy and benefits of dance, combat sports, and movement.