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Eastern Training Techniques and What to Expect

In the original movie version of the Karate Kid, we have the story of a young boy by the name of Daniel who is suffering at the hands of high school bullies. Through the narrative he becomes friends with an Asian karate masterwho takes pity on Daniel and decides to help him learn how to defend himself. He accomplishes this using a series of very unconventional training techniques.

Daniel spends the summer doing anything but learn karate. He is instructed to perform menial tasks such as painting a fence and cleaning the master’s car. Daniel of course begins to complain at this method of fitness training. He is told the iconic line of“Wax on, wax off.” Essentially to get back to work.

Surprisingly this seemingly bizarre method of fitness training is akin to how martial arts were taught in the East.

Eastern Training Methods, Western Workout

When considering beginning a training program with Calasanz we advise that you keep the following in mind.

#1 Refrain from asking questions!

This is an Eastern discipline and culturally you should respect that. You observe the teacher and copy. No further information should be required.

#2 Workout!

The main reason most of our students enroll in one of Calasanz’s numerous programs is to develop their fitness as well as learning a martial art. If you spend your time in the class talking about the weather instead of performing exercises you are wasting everyone’s time.

#3 Learn naturally!

Calasanz does not expect you to learn any of the disciplines overnight. You will become more adept over time so please allow your body and mind to learn organically. If you attempt to force the learning process you will only stress yourself out.

It All Comes Together

At the conclusion of the movie, Daniel understands the importance of his master’s teachings.The menial tasks he was performing were to harden his mind and focus his spirit. This strength is what ultimately allows him to defeat his enemies in an honorable fashion.

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