Calasanz Talks about Jennifer Lee

Jenifer is a lady, an amazing lady, I mean just spectacular.  I could write 20 books about this lady, talk about her non-stop for 2 years.  She is just incredible.  I met her when she was hired to be featured with me on a magazine after winning a beauty pageant.  She was 17 years old at the time of that photo and me, I looked even younger because I did not develop like most people.

If you look at the footage, the beginning, the beauty, what is there.  Take a look at those movements, the poise, the posture.  Its just beautiful.  I choreographed those movements with her, together we made it superb.  Earlier on I was choreographing it but she became so sophisticated and so good that later on she would add movements herself and adjust others so well, and so perfectly to make it better and better.

This lady, she had the complete package.  She can flow, she is strong, flexible, she had it all, everything just so precise and perfect.  Just to see her deliver a kick.  You can see on that side kick when she goes with full extension putting her leg all the way out.  It does not look real.  It looks fake.  It is uncanny and just unbelievable.  I know that, and I can describe it.  I know what is real, I know what is “looking good” but to look excellent, to look superb, that was Jenifer Lee.

Unfortunately, she was so good and so talented that I probably went out of control because I just wanted to teach her so much.  This came to a head leading to a time that it was more or less better for her to move on.  But if you look again at those movements you can see what is reality, what is the meaning of “fit”, of “fitness”.  You know, anyone can do beautiful movements in fitness.  Anyone can make a beautiful movement.  But to be a lady that is 19 years old capable of stepping into a ring with a man 6 ‘ 4 ” and from nowhere delivering a perfect hook kick or roundhouse kick that if she really let it go and did not hold back that a man at 225 lbs. or whatever would be hurt, seriously hurt.  That is real Martial Art.  That was, or is, Jenifer Lee.