The Best Kept Secret:Calasanz Pau Fa Yoga

Pau Fa Yoga

This is perhaps one of the fitness world’sbest kept secrets.

Calasanz Pau Fa Yoga!

The amazing results achieved by the students receive are impressive. Many students state that this is one of the best programs for improving physical fitness around.

Pau Fa Yoga combines physical fitness training with mental relaxation techniques.The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrityuj. The translation of yuj is union, or balance. Calasanz has kept this idea in his mind while developing his program. By uniting elements of yoga and martial arts he has created a real hit. The program has been a huge success with his already attentive clientele. The effortless grace and fluid nature of his techniques are a treat to watch and perform.

Calasanz Pau Fa Yoga offers:

Self-Defense: A complex series of movements are combined as you attack and defend yourselfagainst an imaginary opponent. This builds muscle memory and focus. So, should you find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself you will be prepared.

Meditative Movement: Throughout the program there is great emphasis place on meditation and mental concentration. As you develop and grow you become more and more attuned to you environment. This is an essential element in self-defense.

Training Variety: The persistent challenges that are presented to you throughout the program will enable you to be ready for any situation. The movements are deliberate and precise and have their roots in a long list of varied and unique martial arts.
Core Training: This is an essential element to any physical training. You will develop stronger stomach and lower back muscles. Your pelvis and hips will become stronger also.

Calasanz Pau FaYoga will transform you into a well-balanced, fit martial artist. You will gain a detailed knowledge of practicalself-defense methodology. Your mind will be well prepared for a great many eventualities.

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