Physical Arts for Men

Women’s fitness programs have undergone a few changes over the years. For example, in the 80s, women were working hard to have perfectly sculpted bodies. A decade later and the goal of fitness programs had changed to have more of a focus on women being strong and healthy.

Calasanz has used his impressive experience to cultivate a unique program that allows women to have the best of both worlds. Following his program will give you the body you have always dreamed of whilst building a strong and healthy physique that is both beautiful and practical.

Not surprisingly this program was often overlooked by men as it was considered to be specifically for Calasanz’s female students. This was until the men started to see the impressive results that the fitness program was achieving. One student in particular was shocked when a female student kicked him so hard he needed considerable time to recuperate, Since then, more and more men have decided to take advantage of this program.Calasanz has made some alterations to the program for the men in his class. These modifications to the training make some of the movements more masculine and ultimately make the men more comfortable.
A Program with Results

Calasanz Physical Arts has been an essential part of Calasanz’s very effective physical conditioning program for a number of years.

This program is for everyone and offers the student a full body workout. There are many real world self-defense applications to what is taught in the class. But, as it is a fitness class, a main component to the exercises is that you will burn off fat during the class and acquire increased muscle tone and strength.

Calasanz has also produced a supplementary aid to his program. The book Creating the Body You Want will expand your knowledge of the methods employed in class and you will be able to practice at home very effectively. Please take a moment to take a look at our Fitness Center Tour Video!

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