Recreational Boxing

Sensei Perez has over 12 years of experience in the Japanese Martial arts. His impressive roster of training locations extends across the US and he has gained an invaluable insight into the martial arts as a result. Sensei Perez has been an instructor of Japanese Martial arts all over Connecticut. The locations of his previous schools are as far afield as West Haven, Norwalk and Broad River.

GM Calasanz has had a huge influence on Sensei Perez’s martial arts development. Calasanz has added his special methodology and dynamic training techniques to Sensei Perez’s classes. Their long relationship has been forged by a mutual respect for one another and a joint appreciation of the martial arts. For the six years they have collaborated, Grandmaster Calasanz has been an exceptionally attentive trainer. Sensei Cesar is the proud holder of a 1st degree in Calasanz Combined System; 1st degree in Calasanz Kickboxing Combined and Personal Trainer Certification in the Combined Systems.

In 2011, after many years of hard work and dedication Sensei Perez was awarded the rank of 5th degree Master. This qualification was in the complete Calasanz Combined System. Grand Master Calasanz and Sensei Perez are currently working as an effective team to bring more variety to the already extensive list of forms available.

Sensei Perez also holds a2nd degree Ninjutsu certification as a practitioner under Grandmaster Richard Van Donk. Grand Master Van Donk is the founder and head instructor of the prestigious International Bujinkin Dojo Association. He also is a proud member of the Humbo Dojo in Japan.

Sensei’s dedication and ability is only rivaled by his supreme respect for the old ways. He is also well versed in modern sports science and applies modern techniques without losing the integrity of his art.