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Sensei Cesar Perez

Sensei Perez has over 10 years come 2012 in the Japanese Martial arts. He has trained all over the U.S. and taught at martial art schools in Connecticut, such as West Haven, Norwalk and Broad River in Calasanz Physical Arts Studios. GM Calasanz has been a great influence in Sensei’s life by adding a unique dynamic way of training in mind, body and martial spirit, for over 6 years and continues to do so. In the time that Grandmaster Calasanz has trained Sensei Cesar he has earned 1st degree in Calasanz Combined System; 1st degree in Calasanz Kickboxing Combined and Personal Trainer Certification in the Combined Systems.

Recently in 2011, Sensei was given the rank of 5th degree Master in the complete Calasanz Combined System. GM Calasanz and Sensei are currently working together to bring to Norwalk, Ct at the Calasanz dojo the Budo-taijutsu (Ninjutsu). Sensei is a certified 2nd degree Ninjutsu practitioner under Grandmaster Richard Van Donk, founder/head instructor of the International Bujinkin Dojo Association. And is also a member of the Humbo Dojo in Japan. Sensei is steep in tradition and having a deep respect for the old ways and the philosophy that it holds, while bringing modern applications to the art and techniques. Sensei is continuously putting his skill to the test by competing in both National and State competitions winning 1st & 2nd place in all of them.

Sensei has gone onto train his own students to compete who have successfully placed in the top 2 at all events. Additionally, Sensei Perez is currently contracted to teach Kickboxing in the West Haven World Champion Tae Kwon Do. And is also an employee; assisting in teaching at Tae Kwon Do at World Champion Tae Kwon Do of West Haven where he enhances the program in Hand to Hand Combat and Self Defense by concentrating on practical techniques to better balance the students in and out of the dojo. Sensei is currently going for his 2nd degree in Tae Kwon Do under the instruction of Master Young Kik Cho.