The Self Defense everyone should know before they go to college

Self defense skills everyone should have before they go away to school.

This Program is designed mainly for students planning going off too college currently or over the next few years. Calasanz’s dynamic system of self-defense known as “street survival” applies martial art techniques for use in the streets.

The student gains skill and develops endurance in key maneuvers as he or she progresses through the various defensive methods.

Street Survival orients the student to practical responses to self-defense situations
where a traditional or classical martial arts response would be impractical. Most college students never need to use these skills, but a person who knows how to defend themselves carries him or herself differently and is less likely to become a target.

Knowing your situation and or surroundings can also help prevent a bad situation.
However, no one can offer you a guarantee that you will never, at some point in
your life, find yourself in a situation where you may be forced to defend yourself.

Whether it be from an assailant who tries to attack you to get money, personal property or someone who attempts to perpetrate a sexual assault or worse, a confrontation could happen, and you would certainly benefit from learning common sense defense
techniques to use in dangerous situations.

Call Calasanz now to insure you or your child’s safety! Classes start this summer, sign up for class spots now while they are still available.