The Self Defense

Street survival skills everyone should have before they go to school.

This Program is for college students or those planning to attend college. With this program the student gains skill and develops endurance in key maneuvers as he or she progresses through defensive methods used to fend off attackers.

Going to college comes with it’s risks. After class parties, alcohol and drugs or late-night walks through the campus or surrounding neighborhood lead to situations where you want to be able to defend yourself from locals or drunks.

Street Survival orients the student to practical responses to self-defense situations where a traditional martial arts response would be impractical. Most college students never need to use these skills, but a person who knows how to defend themselves is less likely to become a target.

Calasanz’s “street survival” applies martial art techniques used for personal protection.

Knowing your capabilities can prevent a bad situation. Call 800-414-9544 or Contact us now to insure your safety!

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