Jeff Prescott – Managing Instructor

Having spent years in weight training from his early teens to mid 20s, Jeff was looking for something “beyond” the average, run of the mill workout. He found this type of training with the Calasanz Physical Arts. The combination of traditional martial arts with modern sports technology is an exciting and effective way to get and stay in shape, as well as dramatically improve the quality of life.

Jeff has trained with Calasanz for over nine years and received his black belt in 2000.
He has been a certified instructor in the Calasanz System for more than 8 years and was the manager of the Norwalk Headquarters for three years. Currently Jeff is serving as manager and head instructor of the Calasanz Physical Arts satellite in Wilton, CT.

“I fully embrace the Calasanz System’s philosophy and I am capable of working with students on all levels of fitness and training. Truly “enjoying” my work, I approach each student with enthusiasm, professionalism and structure.”