Calasanz Brand in Gyms & Fitness Centers

Attention!  Gym and Fitness Center Owners & Managers:


Use the Calasanz Brand in your facility to give your clients Martial Arts & Alternative Fitness Training!

The name Calasanz and The Calasanz System has been synonymous with martial art and fitness training for more than 30 years in the Fairfield County, CT area.  At it’s core it is a method for anyone of any size, shape, age, or ability to improve the athletic and aesthetic qualities of their body while learning how to defend themselves and/or compete in combat sports.

Many years ago, Master Calasanz stepped away from the machines and free weights of fitness gyms across America.  Machines and free-weights have their place within fitness training. Misused however, and without proper cross training, these tools may hinder the overall athletic performance of the human body.

There are other alternatives.  To this day Master Calasanz’s 12,000 square-foot training facility in Norwalk, Connecticut still thrives on his driven beliefs and principles.  New clients walk through the door everyday looking for alternative fitness training combined with knowledge and skills to defend themselves.

Fitness trends are beginning to morph once again with the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC taking center stage the past 2-3 years.  Many people are interested in incorporating martial arts training and the unique strength and conditioning routines used by MMA competitors.

The vast world of Martial Art and especially MMA carries a certain stigma.  Most believe that it is dangerous and accessible only to those who are courageous and athletic.  Another fundamental problem in the martial art industry is that retention rates are low. Many classes are “one-size-fits-all.”  Those who cannot handle the intensity eventually leave.

We have possessed a successful formula for over 30 years that puts a soccer mom training to lose weight, next to a professional fighter training for his next bout in the same room.  Our trainers can teach grandmothers, soccer moms, executives, or world-class athletes because they have the sensitivity to know what each wants and can handle.  We also have a tremendous variety of ideas and methods that they can learn and use in their training.  They’ll never get bored and they’ll keep coming back.

Allow us help you teach your trainers and employees in implementing The Calasanz System.  We want to form a strong bond that can keep you ahead of your competition.  A synergy of your conventional machines, free weights, cardio equipment, & group exercise programs along with our alternative fitness, martial arts, and combat sports training.

If we create an ongoing relationship with you where our martial arts brand is used within your fitness centers, we will continue to promote our brand through the world as we have been doing and provide your trainers with ongoing training, support, and knowledge about our specialized industry.

There’s no time to waste, give us a call and lets sit down immediately and discuss how we can become and incredible team!