Executive/Corporate Wellness

Attention!  Executives, Human Resource Departments, & Benefit Committees:

Keeping your executives and/or employees healthy, sharp, focused, and competitive is critical for productivity and success in the business world.  Attract the best talent and keep your current team in shape by offering our trainers as a benefit of employment!

Historically, during tough times, unique individuals not only find the strength to face challenges, but more importantly, they find the clarity to see the way out by identifying new opportunities.  More fortunes were made during the Great Depression than in any other time in history.

The martial arts were designed specifically to fortify the body, mind, and spirit to endure during incredibly trying times.  In addition to its physical fitness benefits, regular martial arts practice takes the mind away from its worries and focuses its attention on the details of the art.  Martial art students have long claimed that it is this mental respite that enables them to approach the challenges of life in a whole new way.

Your executives and employees health and mental stability are crucial to your continued success in the business world.  We at Calasanz would like to bring the benefits of The Calasanz System to you.

  • The Calasanz System is for anyone, of any age, size, shape, or ability
  • The greatest stress relief available
  • Private training is customizable to personal preferences, abilities, and goals
  • We incorporate Calasanz Physical Arts into all of our training.  Physical Arts are holistic exercises that develop strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, muscle unity, and at the same time teach certain martial art techniques.
  • Competent instructors trained in the Calasanz System will guide you through your training

Give us a call today to discuss giving your executives and employees the Calasanz System through The Perfect Fit, our in home, in office personal training company.