Strong Martial Arts Stance

Take a Stand! Building a Strong Martial Arts Stance

The first thing to look for when evaluating martial artists is the stance. Is it shaky, wobbly, and ready to collapse or a strong, sturdy foundation? Stance work can be very boring. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake new martial artists make is to learn their stances very quickly and never pay attention to them again!

Traditional karate and kung fu practitioners who train the old-fashioned way love to see how long they can hold a horse stance and will do so until their legs literally started to shake. They know the value of good stance work. Over time, this builds rock hard legs.

Martial artists who “work” their stances don’t need to spend a lot of time conditioning by doing squats, leg curls, or leg extensions in the gym. If you practice martial arts the right way, there is no need for all this equipment. Calasanz incorporates martial arts fitness training into an exercise system known as Calasanz Physical Arts.

If you’re a serious martial artist, Calasanz and his personal trainers have a few more reasons to take your stance work seriously:

  • Grounding – You make it a lot harder for your opponent to knock you down when you have a good grip on what’s beneath you.
  • Conditioning – Basically, your legs get harder! As a result, you improve your chance of hurting your opponent and not getting hurt when they kick you! This is also great for self-defense preparation.
  • Support – Good stance work teaches you how to grip the ground when necessary. You learn how to be “rooted” enough so you can deliver your strong kicks with precision and balance.
  • Control – Attention to stance work improves your katas/forms. Strong legs make for strong and smooth transitions from one movement to the next and as an added incentive; you have more control over your legwork in sparring.

Peter Valis, one of Calasanz most accomplished fighters, attributes the reason for his success to his proficiency in Chinese Boxing and training in Calasanz Physical Arts. “The grounding and power that is generated from my Chinese Boxing training is tremendous.”

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