Often deemed the best styles of Kung Fu for increasing physical fitness, Chang Chuan has played a large part in the development of The Calasanz System™.

This is a martial arts style that employs the use of weapons alongside empty hand attack and defense. Spinning and jumping kicks are common to this martial art. Not promoted as good self-defense tactics, these moves are more a demonstration of flexibility and agility.

Wing Chun Ground Fighting

This style of martial art is considered great for short range and ground based fighting. It is essential for any martial artist to be able to confidently fight once they have fallen down. The real world applications of this are as numerous as they are obvious.

Wing Chun Tai Chi

The deliberate and slow motions involved in this martial art are often cited as a method of mental relaxation and peace. The techniques are broken down into three separate forms;

Siu Nim Tao

The literal translation of this is “Little Idea Form”. Essentially this form constitutes the fundamental movements employed in this martial art.

Chum Kiu

Or “Searching for the Bridge” places its focus on footworkand initial contact with opponents.

Bil Jee

Translated this means “Thrusting fingers”. This form concerns itself with recovery after the loss of balance or center during an attack or defensive move. The moves learnt while studying this form include foot sweeps, finger attacks, and elbow strikes.

Often incorrectly used elsewhere, the wooden dummy is incorporated into the Calasanz method. Slow and accurate moves are applied to this training aid. The accuracy and focus of punches, kicks and blocks can be effectively enhanced through this tool.

Weapons such as the long pole and butterfly knives can also be used on this device.