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The Calasanz system of kickboxing utilizes knees, elbows, shins, hands and feet. Calasanz has personally developed a unique method of blocking these varied attacks. This is primarily what makes The Calasanz System such a powerful defensive tool. The seamless blend of blocks and attacks makes this an incredibly formidable series of techniques. Head movement is an essential part of this martial art as it can allow you to effectively protect yourself from injury.

One of Calasanz’s most gifted students is Rodney. He has become extremely adept at both the attacking and defensive aspects of this art. He states: “I find that I don’t have to absorb as many kicks and punches because the system gives me the tools to deflect attacks without getting hurt.”

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Calasanz realizes that this is a competitive form of exercise and he treats it as such. His students quickly become used to sparring with other equally skilled opponents. Within the last five to ten years the sport of kickboxing has gone through several changes. Low kicks and knee/ elbow strikes are now commonplace. Calasanz puts his students though hours of training drills and set moves well before they are encouraged to begin free form fighting. The kickboxing that Calasanz teaches is very much a martial art and is quite separate from a fitness class or cardio workout.

Dolly is an extremely talented student and she has been working very hard to excel at kickboxing. She left her health club in search of something more engaging. Kickboxing offered her a challenging outlet and has motivated her more than any other exercise program.

“Some women avoid the martial arts because they think they are too brutal,” she says.

At Calasanz’s, however, there is a 50-50 split between men and women in his classes as women also love to experience the excitement of martial arts training.

Come to our fitness centre in Norwalk, Fairfield County to reap the benefits of Calasanz’s expertly crafted system.

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