Mixed Martial Arts Classes in CT | Calasanz

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, has exploded internationally over the past few years. It has fast replaced boxing as the mainstream fighters sport. The amount of people who are willing to pay to watch an MMA match has increased dramatically over recent years as well.

This is a full contact and quite aggressive sport where strikes and grapples are used in order to defeat an opponent. An MMA fight begins with each competitor facing off against one another and will often end with one fighter pinned to the ground and having to resort to a tap out.

This is a very accessible sport and people of all ages are participating, either as serious competitors or individuals that just want to stay fit. MMA training offers some very extensive health benefits. Having a good level of knowledge of basic martial arts skills is a real asset to those who wish to get involved in the MMA training program.

Getting into shape after a hiatus in training can be a real shock to the system. The Calasanz body conditioning program, CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® will more than prepare you for the exhaustive MMA training regime that you are about to indulge in. The conditioning program is an essential part of the training process as it adequately prepares you for the MMA program. As a student of Calasanz you will learn an entire host of unique fighting techniques that he has developed throughout three decades of martial arts study.

Many students of the Calasanz methods have developed great bodies and more importantly they have the confidence to fight against other competitors in the cage. If you think you have what it takes to become an MMA fighter then join our class and learn from Calasanz. Come down to the Calasanz’s MMA training school in Norwalk,CT to see how beneficial the program will be for you.