For most people who are interested in self-defense classes the most practical application of any martial art is that of real life street survival. Calasanz’s offers a unique and effective system of self-defense that draws on his many years’ experience. A great many martial art techniques are employed to allow the student the maximum protection when out and about. Throughout the program the student will gain increasing levels of skill and ability. One of the main aspects of learning self-defense is that once you are armed with the right tools to adequately defend yourself, your confidence grows. It is often the case that walking the streets with confidence will deter a potential attacker as you look strong and powerful. Calasanz’s street survival system chooses the most practical and effective methods from a wide range of martial arts whilst leaving out the impractical and unnecessary flourishes that would not be needed in a life and death situation.

Law Enforcement

Calasanz understands the importance that Law enforcement plays in our society. He is very passionate about protecting those who choose to patrol our streets and is a big advocate of using the correct amount of force. His training will allow law enforcement professionals to control their reactions whilst effectively protecting themselves. Calasanz has spent a great deal of time tailoring each of his programs to suit specific purposes. The system that he has created for Law Enforcement professionals is no different. Calasanz has many students who have benefit greatly from his instruction in this regard. Calasanz guides officers through numerous controlled techniques that are designed to develop, sharpen and maintain defensive skills. Law enforcement officers following  The Calasanz System learn in such a way that, should a situation arise where they must defend themselves, they will react on instinct. This includes handcuffing techniques as well as immobilizing grapples.